Cultural Spaces and Design

Prospects of Design Education

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Throughout the discussions about globalisation and design, what has been missing until now are deliberations regarding necessary changes towards a design education which puts conceptual acting in the context of global movements and problem situations.

This publication pleads for a revision of design education. It addresses students, teachers, and design practitioners. On the basis of concrete examples, concepts, methods and tools are presented for discussion. They can open up new directions and possibilities of design education.

Consequently, this book focuses on design students’ experiences and reflections as contributions to a design education understood as a school for differentiated perception. The local level – the respective Cultural Space – is appreciated as the actual hot spot of globalisation.

The book offers reports, case studies, analyses, and reflections by lecturers, artists, and students about their working experiences in Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Nigeria, Botswana, South Sudan, India, Canada, Albania, the USA and others.

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Kurztitel Cultural Spaces and Design
Herausgegeben von Regine Halter, Catherine Walthard
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Verlag LIBRUM Publishers & Editors
Jahr 2019
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ISBN-13 978-3-906897-31-8

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